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Leak Location Services for Water & Sewer and Under-Slab Leak Detection & Repair

It's nobody's idea of fun - but when toilets get blocked someone has to clear the stoppage. When it's completely blocked up, and you really can't shift it, you obviously need a professional to give you a hand. With rapid response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at competitive rates, you can rely on Bryco Plumbing to help you with a level of service that is second-to-none. Read more about your service level guarantee here and from our happy customers here.

There are many good reasons to have our professionals check for water leaks such as avoiding property damage, reducing your operating costs, account for noticeable water losses and to avoid serious line breaks.

Leaks most commonly occur in older properties. However, newer properties experience problems as well. Factors such as severe climate changes, soil conditions and ground movement and even poor construction can contribute to unexpected pipe damage which, if left undetected can have detrimental and potentially costly side-effects.

Leak detection is a necessary and vital component to water systems. Accurate determination of the position of leaking water pipes within a supply system and subsequent repair serves to save money and conserve water as well as energy.


Water that is lost is money and energy wasted.

Conducting a leak detection survey generally involves a primary survey and secondary survey. The primary survey investigates a suspect section of the pipe system. The secondary survey pinpoints or discounts potential leakage spots identified in the primary survey. This can potentially be a very time consuming process because the survey must systematically check the whole system.

Locating water leaks in pipes used to mean messy exploratory digging that was time consuming and expensive. Our trained personnel use the most modern equipment and techniques to locate potential and actual problems quickly and therefore cost-effectively.

New technology for commercial, industrial and municipal pipe systems is being produced to automate the primary portion of the leak detection process. The technology includes a single unit comprising audible leak detection hardware teamed with a data logger, radio transmitter and a long-life battery which is good for 10 or more years. Multiple units are permanently installed at specific locations in the water supply pipe system that continually monitor for sounds characteristic to pipe leakage. When a unit detects sound that is indicative of leakage, the onboard radio transmitter sends a signal to an above ground receiver. Maintenance crews need only to drive about the survey area with the receiver to identify problem spots where leaks are indicated. This automated technology can significantly reduce the time involved to locate pipe leaks.

At the municipal level we provide total leak surveys on water distribution systems and provide fast response to emergencies such as main line breaks.

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